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Exclusive Travel Tips for a Great Otago Central Bike Trail Experience


Bike ride trails are a popular travel culture in New Zealand. But now the tourism department and government together have taken an initiative worth $26.3 million to create continuous bike trails of total 536 kms, encompassing the four distinct trails namely the Otago Central Rail Trail, the Queenstown trail, the Cluth Gold trail and the Roxburgh Gorge Trail. This is going to be a great enthusiastic approach in motivating more bike trailers to unveil the accentuating spirit in experiencing the Otago Central bike trail.

otago central bike trail

Although it is extreme fun to excavate this rugged landscape, you need to be prepared for all the odds on your way to successfully enjoy and complete the trail.

Preparation tips for the Trail

· At first, you need a little insight on the rugged driveways and long inclines which would definitely require a certain degree of fitness from the bike riders to manage the challenges in driving through the gravelled streets by the used railway track of Central Otago.

· The best season for the most favourable ride in Otago Central bike trail in Middlemarch is between February to April.

· It is suggested that either you contact a tour conductor to manage your hotel booking or do it yourself well in advance to avoid rush during the peak season. Of course, you have the options of more than 100 hotels, which offer budget accommodation when you are out to find Otago central bike trail in Middlemarch.

· If you haven’t been on such a long bike trail before, and if you are wondering whether there will be any washrooms on the way, you need not worry. Since it is a popular tourism trail, there are abundant toilets at regular intervals.

· Cycling in Middlemarch Otago Central bike trail during the summers means tackling quite dominant effect of heat, so do not forget to apply and carry your sunscreen.

· Moreover, the entire trail is unpredictable in terms of climatic conditions. It may happen that on a sunny day, you may have to deal with thunder and storm, or on a chilly day you may also need to confront scorching heat. So carry sufficient clothes to suit all climatic challenges.

· Make sure you carry your essentials like water, medicine, clothes, route map, mobile, charger along with you.

· You can buy bottled water if you do not want to depend on the local availabilities.

· You can try to avoid the winter months for a trail. However, if you are really keen on riding during those chilly months make sure to cross check service availability on the trail, since many routes have snow falls, and the tracks may also be covered with snow.

· The trail offers good mobile connectivity throughout, only with some exceptions. You may not find a network tower in gorges, long tunnels, or even due to harsh weathers.

Therefore, if biking is your passion, and you love travelling and exploring as well, Otago Central bike trail is one of the most exotic trails in the world you would never like to miss. More info at