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Times that tell you need to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Nobody ever wants to find themselves in an accident, let alone injured because of it. Yet, accidents do happen and injuries can come from such events happening. When you find yourself in an accident in Duluth and suffered injuries because of it, should you get yourself a personal injury lawyer?



personal injury lawyer



This is a question you should always ask yourself after you are involved in an accident. The reason why this should be asked is because not all accidents actually require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. There are some situations that justify the hiring of legal help and some that don’t.

Determining when to hire legal help after an accident

So, when should you hire a lawyer to help you after an accident? When is hiring a lawyer considered unnecessary? Here are some scenarios that fit the latter:

  • You did not suffer any injuries or damage – If you did not get hurt or no one else got hurt in the accident, there is no need for a lawyer to help you pursue a personal injury claim. There was no injury, so what are you supposed to claim? You should be careful, however, in determining whether or not you got hurt in such an incident. You need to get a doctor to clear you of injuries before you make such a decision.
  • The injury or damage is too small for a substantial claim – If you suffered only a few cuts and bruises, or the damage happened to an old car that is not worth much, it might not be worth pursuing this. The cost of hiring a Duluth car accident lawyer for help with a claim may not be worth it for both you and the lawyer.
  • When the insurance company pays you the fair amount for the accident – The reason why a lot of people end up hiring a Duluth car accident attorney is due to the unfair practices of some insurance companies. If your insurance provider, however, gives you what you are entitled to, why would you need a lawyer to help you?

When do you need to contact a lawyer for help?

So, when is it ideal for you to get in touch with a lawyer? There are a lot of situations that do warrant the assistance of a Duluth personal injury lawyer, and here are some of them:

  • When the accident lands you in the hospital with serious injuries that can affect your long-term health
  • When your injuries cause you to lose more than just a few days of work
  • When the medical treatments you need for your injuries cost you more than a few hundred dollars
  • When there is a dispute over who caused the accident
  • When someone died because of the accident
  • When your insurance company won’t pay you what you are entitled to

There are many good reasons why you should contact a personal injury lawyer for help, and these are just a few of them. To find out whether or not you have a case and if a lawyer is indeed what you need after your accident, you should contact Scholle Law for help. You can call them to get free legal advice over the phone, or you can visit their site at to get more information on the matter.