What Jobs Are Included in a Skoda Express Service

Skoda express service is one of the three levels of routine service that your Skoda must undergo to ensure longevity and roadworthiness. The other two is full service and major service.

skoda express service

Minor servicing jobs must mean minor inconvenience to car owners like you. Most of the time, they take the least amount of work, thus, the least amount of time.

Never experienced such a minor service from your local mechanic? You could be conned into believing everything needs time to get fixed.

Knowledge is power as they say. Find out what goes into minor servicing jobs.

What does a Skoda express service include?

Oil change – engine oil needs to be drained and replaced with clean oil to maintain engine efficiency.

Filter change – oil filter of your Skoda must be replaced to ensure a smooth-running engine. Skoda Yeti service that involves replacement of the filters should take less than an hour.

Fluid change – brake, clutch, coolant, power steering, transmission, and other fluids are flushed and changed.

Battery test – checks if your battery holds a charge and remains functional until your next service.

Full safety inspection – checks if there is anything that needs fixing or replacement now or in the near future.

Filter inspection – air, fuel, and pollen filters are checked to see if they need replacement.

Wiper blades check – to ensure that they are in good working condition and don’t need to be replaced.

A minor car service will also check the transfer case, diff oil, and gearbox oil.

The next time you ask your mechanic what the problem is, refer to the list to identify if it’s a minor service or not. If it is, you should be in and out of the garage in no time.

Advantages of Minor Car Service

It may be minor but it covers a lot of territories. So if you schedule your vehicle for regular servicing, you are assured of driving safety.

It also prevents problems from happening at the most inopportune time which will not only cost you money but also time. If your car breaks down when you need to be somewhere on time, your problems could add up.

Moreover, regular minor servicing spares you from costly repair jobs in the future. Instead of a minor check on filters and other parts, for example, you may need to have them all replaced if you overlook regular servicing.

What about the servicing cost?

Skoda capped price service

With this financing option, you can pay for Bowen Hills car service or in other locations through a single payment when you buy a Skoda or through regular monthly direct debits. The fixed price is for service between 3 and 5 years or, in some cases, based on mileage. Capped-price standard servicing is good for 15,000km or 12-month intervals.

Have your Skoda serviced at Brisbane City ŚKODA

They carry out minor, full, and major car servicing jobs at your convenience. With their Express and Early Bird Check-In option, you can drop off your car any time you like for a Skoda express service and leave it to the capable hands of their team.

Simply fill out the request form online, drop your car and form in the garage, and then go on your merry way. Once servicing is done, you can pick up your Skoda anytime. For more details, visit https://brisbanecityskoda.com.au/servicing/express-and-early-bird-check-in.